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Vector XL

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Have been curious about this line for a long time. Heard some good things and gonna try one some day. Anybody out there using it or tried it, and how does it differ from the other long lines out there? Tried tips?
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Hi Greenbutt, I love this line! Very caster friendly. I use the 8/9 on a 14'7" for 9. It can handle some moderate wind aswell. Can't comment on tips. I use it with size two spey flies down to 10 dries with mono 15'+. Great with moderate overhang and with colour change at the hand when need be. Great mending abilities. I also like integrated lines. Try one out:)
I have the vector line that I have fished for a couple of years. I really like the line. No loop to loop connections, easy to cast and mend. I can cover more water with less effort that with a Skagit or scandi. I do like it better than a delta.
I would be curious to see how the vector xl compares to the vector? Do you notice much difference?
I have the Vector 9/10 that I liked on the 14' 7/8/9 Miez with dries and 15' leader.
I'm using the 7/8 XL on my Miez 15' 6/7/8. It works better for me than the Delta long I was using.
I would consider the Vector Ballistic lines to be head to head with the other makers products. I do like the integrated aspect.
Try em and see, Poppy has em in stock and may have some to try.
This past year I have been using the Vector XL 7/8 on my sage 8150 and love it. 90% of my casting was with a mono leader but I did try on some poly tips. I had no issues with clear intermediate and slow sinking tips. As for the bugs most of them are Ska-opper, #6 hairwings but also from time to time would change it up and toss a un weighted marabou tube. All with no issues.

Fantastic line ! I've been using everything from X-fast sink tips through Hover poly's to 10 LB leaders with # 2 Bomber dry flies .
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