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Variant Green Butt Skunks

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Tied these for a swap on another board...


Pattern as follows

Hook: Alec Jackson 2050 #3
Tail: Golden Pheasant dyed Fire Engine Red (Jacquard dye, custom job by me)
Body: Rear quarter: Hareline Micro Polar Chenille - Chartreuse (available from J Stockard), rest of body is black seals fur
Rib: Uni Mylar in silver #14
Hackles: 1 Turn of ring neck rump dyed Chartreuse (Jacquard dye, custom job by me), under 3 turns of ring neck rump dyed black (Jacquard dye, custom job by me)
Wing: White Calf tail

Natural (undyed) and Chartreuse Ring neck --- these feathers really take the color well
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I Like this 1.


Those are glowing! like the idea of the feathers dyed to take on the look
Those are super!

Very sweet! I have the same color pheasant at home and will make some of those bad boys!

Thanks for sharing and the idea!

Very cool having the hint of green under the black collar. Looks great.
Beautiful and neatly done, Eunan!

The dye jobs look great.


I really like this, great stuff. The "natural" Pheasant rump looks like you dyed it blue!!
Where do you get your dye? What is your procedure for dying?

Where do you get your dye? What is your procedure for dying?

I use either jacquard, cushings or prochem dyes...

Wrote a couple posts on j stockard blog, here are the links....this is how I do it

Thanks for the info. I'll get to work on some dying projects.

Those are excellent flies Eunan :smokin:
I would swing those with great anticipation !!

1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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