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This past weekend wast the annual Va Fly Fishing Festival.
There were some guys there from Orvis doing a on the water demonstration.
The guy Dan done several demos with a single hand rod,a switch rod and several spey rods. I was really happy to see that someone in our state helping promote the art of spey casting.
I went to watch the demo and I must admit, for the little while that Dan has been spey casting he does really well and has alot of great infor for anybody getting into this sport. I was surprised at how many people gathered to see what spey casting was all about.

I got to put my hands on a new helios switch rod with a scandi set up. I have never thrown a scandi set up before and he must have this thing dial in. That rod was shoting a poly tip over half the river with no effort. The only conclusion that I came to was, if you can't afford the helios don't pick it up. I guess this might be true with alot of the higher end rods. A friend of mind warned me about touching that rod. I should have listened to him. Now I want a rod that I cant afford.

Come to find out Dan and the guys with him are all members of this forum.
I would like to thank Dan and the other guys. ( I can't remember there names.) For deciding to do a demo. I enjoyed talking to the guys about my fly addition.

If any of you Virginians are interested in learning a little bit about spey casting and get some free hands on lessons. Come out next year.

I'm not affiliated with VFFF in anyway. Just a guy trying to spread the word about our great sport.

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