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There are a couple events coming up that the SSBC will be present at. The first one is the Cast and Blast on April 3-5 presented by Pieroway Rod Company, Sunwolf Resort and Whistler Flyfishing. More info here: https://www.facebook.com/events/843112872378422/ The SSBC will have an announcement regarding a potential habitat project on one of the upper Squamish rivers major steelhead spawning tributaries, Shovelnose creek. This is really exciting news, for some of us at least [wink] as the existing habitat project that was built through the SSBC many years ago is under threat of being washed away and is slowly filling in with sediment. The new project is further upstream and much more protected, and if everything goes as hoped, more water will flow through the existing area clearing the sediment out. But first some extensive water monitoring has to take place over the next year or so. More info will be available at the Cast and Blast. The second event is the M+Y SpeyClave on April 11. M+Y has shown long standing support for the SSBC and this year will be no different. Once again the SSBC appreciates the efforts of the folks at M+Y. The SSBC will have a booth at both events selling swag as well as raffle tickets for a super donation we just received.

" Kumsheen Raft Adventures and myself, Darren Wagner, would like to donate a free Two day Pontoon River Course to SSBC for a fundraiser. This course will be held at Kumsheen Raft Adventures in Lytton BC, September 12/13, 2015. The value of this course is $373 plus tax, it includes all the safety equipment (helmet, wetsuit and pfd), camping and lunches. The draw for this will be at the M+Y Clave on April 11.
Tickets will be available at M+Y and SeaRun Fly and tackle shortly (they aren’t available just yet) and at the day of the Clave at the SSBC booth. A huge thank you to both Kumsheen and Darren for donating this.
Here's a rough course itinerary;

Day One: Introduction to Whitewater
Topics Include;
- Personal gear
- Safety equipment
- Thermal protection and hypothermia
- Basic river features and introduction to terminology
- Basic river currents
- Basic maneuvering skills
- Departure for Thompson River
- Lunch!
- Safety talks
- On-water Basic Swiftwater Rescue: basic swim test, basic throwbag demos
- Boat handling on rafts with instructors.
- End of the day boat flips
Day Two: Thompson River Pontoon Boat Handling
- How to rig your pontoon boat, and ensuring no entrapment risks.
- Advanced navigation skills and maneuvering techniques
-Throwbag practise
- Departure for Thompson River
- Navigating your own boat down the river, with instructor in their own crafts.
- Flip drills on calm section of river
- Lunch
- Continuing down river"

As noted, we just got this, so we don't have the tickets yet but will ASAP. The draw will be on the day of the Clave (April 11). A big thanks to Darren and Kumsheen for this generous donation and Dave O and the rest of the folks at M+Y
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