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the speypages editorial staff has been busy preparing some new stuff for the site. Once the server work is completed you'll soon see the following:

  • in-depth article on the underhand cast
  • video clips of the underhand cast
  • a letter from Skagit casting master Ed Ward
  • info on the new Airflo and Cortland Spey lines
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Dana, do you have an approximate time

frame when the new goodies will be 'good to go?'
fear not!

I'll post again when the stuff goes live! Juro and Sean are busy working on some server upgrades and I won't put anything up until those are complete (I expect the underhand casting articles and video clip will be pretty popular so we want to make sure that everything is ready for the increased traffic)--should be sometime in the next few weeks. I have a school next weekend plus a fishing trip the one following so that might slow things down a bit but I have everything pretty much ready to go for when I get the green light to upload. I'm really pleased with the stuff that's ready--the underhand article features a 2600 word interview with Henrik Mortensen where he gets into a lot of detail about the underhand method and clears up a lot of the misconceptions about shooting heads, and includes a close up video clip of him making a cast so you can see what he's doing with his hands; and Ed Ward's letter is a 3600 word gem in which he discusses everything from shooting heads to tube flies.

Good stuff that I'll have up on the speypages asap!
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