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Here's a unique opportunity for folks to get involved in Dec Hogan's new book:

December 2004

Dear Steelheader:

Dec Hogan suggested that we invite you to participate in his new book, A Passion for Steelhead, which I am editing and Wild River Press will publish next year. This is the book many of us have been waiting years for our friend to write. He’s finally doing it.

As part of this project, Dec has proposed that we invite a group of avid steelhead fly fishers to join in a kind of question-and-answer “roundtable” discussion in print. You pose the question—about anything from advice on tackle or choice of fly for a particular fishing situation; spey casting technique; playing difficult fish; when it’s worthwhile to go back through a piece of water already fished, etc. Dec will answer. Or, if you don’t have a question as such, perhaps you could share an interesting episode with odd steelhead behavior or a challenging fish and how you solved it, etc. Dec may well have had a similar experience and will comment. Don’t be bashful!

This spirited Q&A series will form the basis for a complete and separate chapter in the book. It should be very interesting to many readers, who will appreciate the authenticity of the exchanges. Thanks kindly for your personal help. I also encourage you to pass this message on to other anglers who may have something worthwhile to contribute. And I’ll look forward to hearing from you soon and sharing your question (or questions) with Dec. You can send your question or interesting observation to [email protected]

This is shaping up to be a terrific book and we both will be delighted that you’re part of it.

Best Wishes,

Thomas. R. Pero

P. S. For a preview of A Passion for Steelhead, you may go to our Web site: www.wildriverpress.com; low-numbered Premium and Limited Edition copies are still available, if you are interested.
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