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A couple exciting items coming up in the next week.

The vernerable House of Hardy is coming on board which we are all very excited about. They are supplying a brand spanking new Bougle MkV Centenary Edition 4.0 reel. These are the reels for your steelhead and salmon fishing. Auction will be starting later today.

CND is also staying on board and we are very happy to have them as sponsors here. The 'Spey Underground' always has a place on the Spey Pages. Nobuo has agreed to let us auction off a CND Solstice. The winner gets thier choice of any of the rods in the solstice series. This includes the new 16'. If you were at the spey days and got a chance to cast any of the solstice rods you very well know they are very sweet sticks. Look for this auction after the hardy auction ends.

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