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the following articles will appear as part of the 2004 Speypages newsletter series, available by subscription:

"the underhand cast for long belly lines": part 3 of a series on the underhand cast (just published)

"improving the snake roll": tips to make the most of your snake roll cast

"preparing for the FFF Spey Exam": what to do and how to do it

email me for details at [email protected]


now that we have the bandwidth (thanks to your support!), watch for the following videos in 2004:

Perry Poke
Underhand casting long belly lines
classic Spey with Nobuo Nodera
snake roll variations
Skagit casting styles


I'm working on reviews of Loomis, Scierra and Lamiglas for 2004

schools and clinics

finalizing the details, but watch for schools, clinics and demos in Vancouver, Whistler, Vancouver Island, Prince George, Kamloops, Ontario and Washington State for 2004. Watch for "Spey Sundays" too!

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This is like listening to the waitress tell me the specials after a long day on the river. Bring 'em on!
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