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"MJ," 13'9'' 8-9-10? Only ask as last year

this was a rod of Steve Choate's I used and like 'your first love'.... you NEVER forget. Good wife or no. Took me just under a year (and God Bless Inland!!) he sold me his custom that he'd built.

Few things in life are Exactly As Advertised. This rod fits into that slim slot in life. Dry line of rod of choice for winter/higher water work. Only rod I've used that gets very close to this rod is Bob Meiser rods (a board sponc., which has zero to do with this post) as they are rods of great beauty that, like the Burkies, do just as 'advertised.' And I suspect cost a heck of a lot less.


Joan doesn't (yet anyway) know where "our wallet" is going shortly with the BobMeister. Flack later, rod NOW!
:smokin: or should that be: :devil: ?

All the above aside: Bob was a major factor on why the Charity Spey Clinic worked so well. Without his unstinting cooperation and help (Count the Nate in on this too!!) I would have been "raw meat." You can 'plan the plan' but without dedicated troups to carry out 'The Plan' ....... If your in 'management' you'll more than understand that last comment.

Both Bob and Nate had 'ever changing' duties to assure all went well ... to say they "stepped up" is to minimize the love and hugs I have for these two fellows. And God Bless their wives for allowing them to be part of the plan/how/execution.

With Folks like Nate, Bob, Steve, Way, and a most understanding wife, .... life really is pretty good.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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