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Realizing my scotch fund for the Sandy clave tomorrow is a little short I figured I could offload some fur and feathers I don't use... All prices include shipping in the US, Canada will have to cover the difference.

Lot 1- Flash... not sure how many packs but it's a lot and I'm sure I have used very little of it. $60

Lot 2- Marabou... Just about every color you could want. $60

Lot 3- rabbit... I may regret getting rid of this much rabbit but I can't remember the last time I opened this bin... some packs are used, some have multiple packs crammed together, mostly hareline stuff $75

I will sell all three together for $150.

Pm or email at [email protected] first I'll take it gets it! If you are going to be at the clave I will take off 5 bucks and deliver this weekend
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