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I know this is a bit of a contencious subject but if you have casting problems one handed, for heavier class rods, just maybe Shimano has put up a rod to suit you.
Have a look at the Shimano Tiralejo surf spin rods, they come in 9/10 feet and have a adjustable reel set that can be placed anywhere on the grip which is nearly 3 feet long. They rate from 1 to 3 ounces but would work quite well casting lines/heads in the range 450 to 750gns.
They come in 2 piece in 9 or 10 feet the product numbers are TRS90M2 and TRS100MH2.
These things work for heavy fish, like Tarpon etc, and are relatively easy to cast 2 hands. I can cast one and I've got athritis in both hands and am pretty small stature. Best of all they are under 300US buks retail. From your local tackle shop.
Be good have faith, there is a rod for you out there.
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