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For anyone interested, below are the rules for this years tweed fair speycasting competition.

This is a great event, with probably the best competition there is on the circuit, it also has the very best setting on the famous junction pool on the tweed.

The Roxburghe International Speycasting Championships Sunday 4th May 2008

The Championships will take place on the world-famous Junction Pool on the River Tweed

1) The championship is open to all comers regardless of gender,amateur or professional. Competitors need not be resident in the UK,

2) First prize will be awarded to the competitor who is judged to have cast the greatest distance during the final using an approved Spey Cast,

3) The top six casting distances will qualify for the final,

4) Competitors may compete with any rod, reel and line provided they fall within the following specifications:

A) The rod must be no greater than 18ft in length,

B)The reel must be of a normal revolving spool fly reel design,

C) The fly line, or casting head, in the case of weight forward profile lines, may be of any length but must not exceed an overall diameter of 2.5 mm at any point and it must be of a density that classifies it as a floater, in the opinion of the judges the fly line must float.

D) The running line or backing may be made of any material strength or density,

E) There must be a leader/cast of at least 9 feet in length attached to the front end of the line, and to this must be attached a piece of brightly coloured wool or wool substitute, without weight, in place of a fly,

4) All casters must stand and cast from the designated casting platform.

5) Each competitor will be given 3 minutes casting time. Approved casts will only be judged during the competition time and competitors must reposition the line to outside the marker ropes before their initial and subsequent casts within this time period. The distance will be judged as the landing point of the wool at the completion of each cast,

6) Should the same distance be cast by two or more of the competitors during the Finals of the event, then these competitors will take part in a cast off until a clear winner can be found. Competitors must use the same rod, reel and line in the cast off as has been used in the earlier stage of the Final,

7) Failure to abide by any of the above rules and guidelines could result in the disqualification of a competitor,

8) An approved Spey Cast will be deemed as : Any form of Roll Cast or Spey Cast which incorporates a 30 degree angle change as defined by the marker ropes laid out in the competition. Also a cast that which some part of the casting line or leader alights on the water in close proximity to competitor, to form an (Anchor and D/V Loop) in the accepted casting sense. The A.A.P.G.A.I judging panel have the right to void any cast were the fly passes behind the caster and in their opinion does not constitute a defined Spey Cast.

9) Each competitor will be permitted to book only one casting slot at a time and allowed a maximum of three attempts to qualify for the final.

10)The decision of the judges is final.

All the best

Gordon Armstrong
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