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Tuesday Oct. 21st - Salmon River, N.Y.

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Conditions are good this week for swinging flies on the Salmon River. Water temperature 55 degrees and the steelhead are very aggressive! This 3" Black/olive cut-shank with #4 Octopus stinger hook got smashed by 4 fish today. Reel screaming runs and high twisting leaps!

Using a medium MOW tip 2.5' sink and a 5 ft. tippet of 12 lb. test Maxima ultragreen in the 350cfs flow. Added a small black cone head on the tippet in front of the fly to gain a little depth on the swing.

Out of the 4 fish hooked I was only able to land these two females.

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Man I need to be fishing where you are! Nice fish!!:Eyecrazy:
Very nice. Love your posts. Count the days until I can get back up there.
You're getting it done buddy and I admire that, beautiful fishes.

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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