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Tube, in a Dee mood

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very nice, but it looks like it might ride upside down.
interesting observation. care to explain?
Honestly with a tube and especially one like that I would be confident if it was spinning through the swing! This thing is awesome! I've had a lot of luck this season with peacock wings!
Yep...in a Dee Mood state of mind...I'll take a few in PA
Got the Peace, got the Love (3 weeks out of four), but need some o that Soul...
I like that!

When I want to be pretty sure a tube is riding the way I mean it to I tie the way I would on a shanked hook. Most of the time I get them right. That is a very cool fly and maybe the only Dee winged tube I have ever seen.

Just fish it with a double and itll ride true.
Just fish it with a double and itll ride true.
heres your solution!

I just see way more material on the underside of the fly compared to the top, and the strip wings arent enough too counteract it. The section with the most material will want to be on top, unless you have a larger/heavy enough hook to counteract it. Hence why a double hook might help.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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