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tube flies on Nor-Vise?

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Have an older Nor-Vise that includes the 'first generation' tube mandrels. any suggestions for what tubes fit those mandrels? Would like to start tying some salmon and steelhead tube patterns.

And does the HMH adaptor fit into the Nor-Vise?

thanks for any and all input!
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One idea

Get the protube mandrill, insert the thick end into the norvise tube setup and you can use it for various plastic tube diameters. I like the protube mandrill better than the 4 various sized ones that come with Norm's tube setup. No changing mandrill, no removing the mandrill from the vise, easy as pie.
great, appreciate the tip!
I have this one, its the best, it fits any vise, ANY


The seconds one down has two pins that will fit alot tubes from HMH eumer ctfc.
If I remember correctly the hmh adapter fits in the nor, I also have an old version and I think I used to do that with tubes. But like said above, get the pro tube mandrel, it fits in the hmh adapter if it won't fit your nor set up
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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