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When I first opened the package for this book I was REALLY disappointed. I thought it was a magazine not a book. It looks about the size of a copy of Gray's Sporting Journal printed on cheap paper. I was pretty sure I'd throw away my money. But I read on...

Troubleshooting the Cast describes 32 casting problems, their causes and solutions. Even though I was initially disappointed I found that I really liked the book. For most of the folks here, who are casting instructors themselves or at least casting experts, the information in this book may seem basic. But for someone who is struggling with a casting problem this book would be a god-send.

The main thing I liked about the book is the idea of watching the reaction of the line and using the shape of the line during the cast to diagnose casting problems. Ed doesn't try to mold a "perfect cast". In fact he states that you need to be adaptable to the conditions you find yourself in. He also spends some time talking about how to cast heavy flies and sinking lines.

But the part that impressed me most is that he discusses Spey casting using a single handed rod. Very few resources talk about single handed Spey casting. In fact many "main stream" writers don't acknowledge Spey casting as being "real" fly casting. It was nice to see Spey casting mentioned. The only problem is his Spey discussion is completely wrong. Not even close.

For someone struggling with single handed casting this is a great reference. I recommend it. It probably would be a great "gift" when selling a rod to a new fly fisherman or as a "bonus" after a single handed fly casting lesson or course. Thumbs up for talking about Spey casting with a single handed rod, thumbs down for the Spey casting mistakes.
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