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I've been shopping around for a new line setup. I wanted to bring up the argument of triple/double density versus multi-tip systems. I see that scientific anglers and Guideline, along with a couple of other companies make triple density lines. However, I'm wanting to hear people's experiences with them versus using the setups like Guideline DDC connect and Rio's Scandi versi-tip systems. I currently have a floating Scandi head and that takes care of that spectrum of top-water action. I'm looking to get into these sinking scandi rigs.

I have an HMS 11'9 7/8 rated at 19-21 grams, for reference. I fish the tailwater systems of south Missouri and Northern Arkansas, for Trout, smallmouth, etc. There are deeps runs that hold a good amount of fish. Normally, I wouldn't fish a 7/8 weight rated rod, but the gram system on this rods puts it almost in the 5 weight category, so I enjoy it.
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