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I have four fishable but not really collectable 3-screw St. Georges that I would like to turn into Bougles if possible. Please see the photo below. All are available except for the Junior:

3" Leading pretty much worn away. 1 frame repair and another fine but stable crack
3 3/8" Very nice with some leading remaining, badged for A&F; I used this with an ACR1173 and a 240gr scandi.
3 3/4" early MkI check, great(!) patina, wide arbor with a couple frame repairs, great mojo, still solid; not sure what line would go on due to the mid arbor but it might be the dream reel for an ultra light switch rod. Very loud and resonate.
3 3/4" Solid reel, most leading worn away, small arbor, metal lifeguard; would be a nice light trout spey/switch reel

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