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Top 10 Reasons Why Steelhead Take Flies

10. To further the humiliation of bait fishermen.
9. Long-term strategy to wipe out steelheader genes: the more time spent fishing, the more time wives and girlfriends have to cheat.
8. Only way to meet Brad Pitt.
7. Steelhead version of Zone Diet calls for lots of fur, feathers, metal, and thread.
6. Looks like suicide attempt, but actually a cry for help.
5. All takes are accidental: flies occasionally fall into mouths of steelhead whose mouths are open from laughing at poorly tied flies
4. "Steelhead" are actually salmon genetically altered with Liz Taylor's DNA: they'll eat anything.
3. Payback time! Recent smuggled video shows hatchery employees clipping fins of juveniles while wearing giant green-butt-skunk suits.
2. Without arms, hard to get lip piercing any other way.
1. Study shows steelhead actually indifferent to flies, but improved clinch knot drives them nuts!
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