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Too Many Pretty Flies... Time For Some Ugly

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There have been too many pretty and intricate flies posted as of late. Time for some ugly ones to be posted. I see in reviewing some of the post there are requirements.

1. Pretty Fly
2. Beautiful Photo
3. Actual Tying Knowledge
4. Skills

Well I have none of the above. Just a hack'em and wack'em tier. Nothing special to see. Falls a coming fast here in the North.

Look forward to looking at some more pretty flies.
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I see your agenda here ;) they look VERY appropriate.
Zing! Thunk! Sink......Fish On!!!

I dig it. I'm switching gears tonight too ;)

Nice and leggy.
If I saw that fly swimming in front of me, I'd be tempted to kill it by chomping down hard.... FISH ON!!! :chuckle:

My kind of tying, and my wife bought me the same sign!
You're not fooling anyone. I see what reel you have those "ugly" bugs posing with.
Love your style. I like ugly, seems more forgiving of my lack of tying talent! Hard to call your flies ugly though, nice job.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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