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Beginner/intermediate question:

when would you choose to use varying density tips (ie the regular Rio 10ft tips in different sink rates) as opposed to varying lengths of T-whatever sinking material (like the MOW tips)? Are there some situations where one is much better than the other? Other than pure depth, how do they present the fly differently?

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Size of fly is another aspect when choosing the type of the tip you might use.

For example, in the main river I fish, something like a T-8 (light) MOW tip is really all I'd mostly ever need for sink rate, but I often use tips out of the T-11 (medium) kit to turn over bigger flies (3 inch +). For me, the T-11 Medium MOWs just carry a few of the larger flies I tie and turn them over easier than the T-8 Light MOWs.

It only took me about three years to figure this out :Eyecrazy:

This strategy also works for me with full floating tips (which I fish a lot).

The first post (from Riveraddict) on this page has a good break down on this subject:


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