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The clave ended so late sunday I stayed over till today to make the long drive home. As I took a look at the river at 5:30 this morning a couple of Spey rodders came into view. Scott and Mike were already on the river. As I packed up camp Ed Ward was heading for the river. The real addicts were still doing what they do best. Here are some of my notes. The fish getter. It has to be Ed. I don't think anyone would feel neglected to be 2nd to Ed, including Scott, Mike, Brian, or anyone else. Most intense, Al Buhr comes to mind. I think Al could make a cast out of a duck blind if there was a fish out there. Best instructor, Simon comes to mind. Soft touch, I think of Andy. Andy throws out a nice line. Distance, That is the easy one. Way to go Steve. Most innovative vender, My vote is Rio, Rio was the company who started our great north west Double handed society. Jack of all trades, Aaron comes to mind. Thanks Mark and his crew for putting it all together. Jerry

Speyshop's Speybum
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If you were not there you missed it.
I had a Ball.
Where can I start?

Mark and Patty you have the biggest hearts on the planet.

Bob and Laura thank you for the hospitality that you showed me.

Homer 2 Hand and Wet Fly thanks for your hospitality great people to bunk with.
There is nothing better than sitting around with Ed and Marlow barbequing logs.

Fred and JD as usual it was great getting to see you again.

Steve and Way it was great to see you again and watch that triple spiral and watch
Way cast with Steve Rajeff.
Steve I will work on catching that pesky scotch drinking squirrel next year.

Ray Phelps thank you for the best scotch on the planet truly mothers milk.

Always great to talk with Al Buhr and his presentation of the short casts was great.

Jim Vincent and Simon from Rio great to see both of you again

Andy Murray and Randy it was nice to play with the new Angels and Caspasntia reels (I am going to own one of these some day ) the Hardy Mach I Plus is tremendous.

George and the Anglers Rendezvous (Sage, Remington and the rest) group were really too much the TCR rods were outrageous. I forget the young ladies name who was working there but look out guys here comes the next generations Joan Wulff

Brain thanks for the Salmon ( it was delicious ) and I love the short belly lines
John those new Winston’s rally rock,

Andre and Doublespey what can I say only that the CND Greased liners were worth the wait (more on that as soon as I am done with a little field trial.)

Tim and Steve really good seeing you again awesome watching you cast.

Greg love those T&T ‘s especially the 12ft 6 weight.

Loop group great to see all of you again I hope to get a chance to work with you again.

Orivs glad to have met you I hope we get a chance to cast again.

Love the G. Loomis 13'4" #5/6 3 pc look forward to doing some more work with this rod

Robert Meiser truly good on you my friend. The new rods are fantastic! I hope to get down your way to play. I will be waiting for that 12’6” 5wt. have to get some thing ready for Hopper Time on the Madison.

Leroy again it was great to work with you. The new Lami 12ft for 6 wt 6 piece was a rocket and the Snowbee line is mighty fine.

Who ever put the bottle of Single Malt and the cigars in my rig thanks a big bunch.

Cary and Rob Allen great to see you again.. The 13’ 9 “ for a 7 really is great one of the smoothest actions I have had the pleasure to cast in many of years . (I just hope I got the model right.)

To Janis and Linda keep on working you will be just fine.

Sparse Hair Hackle your Daughter and Son were very good students. I look forward to see how far they have advanced next year.

To the rest of the beginners that I had the honor of helping I thank you very much for the chance to share the world of Speycasting with you..

To all the old friends and the new it was grand and if I forgot any one I do apologize.


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In a bit of proud fatherhood, I have to add a "best student" to your list of bests. That award has to go to my daughter, Olga. She's 13, and has only been speycasting a few times, but she was regularly throwing a beautiful line. I can't match the loop on her final delivery, regardless of the cast.

Thanks to many for assisting my kids this weekend. First and foremost was Tom Larimer on Saturday. I think he was just going to follow us to the river to protect the rods, as he tried to downsize the equipment for Olga. I, and his coworkers, tried to tell him, "she can cast", and he ignored me as we went to the water.

When they got to the water, Tom's eyes lit up, as he saw her throw switches, snaps, and singles to 70 feet, cast after cast. With his help, she was reaching out even farther, so they set to work on other casts. Driving to the clave, out of the blue she told me she wanted to learn the snake roll. So, even though she was a righty on river left, Tom set to work teaching her the reverse snake. It took a bit, but she got it!

Aaron spent considerable time with both Olga and Roman on Sunday, but I missed seeing it up close as I was involved in conversation and testing of my own. But there must have been some great teaching going on, because when the kids had their own competition a bit later on the grass, Roman beat Olga overhead casting because of a better backcast. Thanks so much for your time, Aaron! FYI, I've already looked up the overhand weave--we'll see what happens...

On Sunday, Olga was lucky enough to spend a bunch more time on the river with Amy Randall. Amy had her working on the snake rolls from both sides, starting the reverse just after finishing the regular, and vice-versa.

A special thanks also to Larry Faneuf, who unbelievably loaned us a Meiser 13' for a 7/8 to try for awhile, complete with Bougle IV and line! (I forget which line.) I'll be afraid to use the reel, so we may practice with my reel and line (at least until we're practicing over fish, so maybe I can hear the reel's glad song!)

I really enjoyed visiting with Dean Sullivan of Loop again, meeting Ron Lauzon and Bob Meiser, visiting with the helpful and generous Sage team, the list goes on and on.

A big thanks to Klem for meeting me at lunch and talking to me about his home river, along with friends Jack and Stan and Joe, and ? I just can't remember them all.

It's always great to see Rob Allen, and I really enjoyed meeting and visiting with Loco Alto. A personal thanks to Doublespey, who got me to understand ways to get my bottom hand to participate a bit more in the cast--a difficult challenge he overcame easily! Thanks, Doublespey.

To those I visited only briefly, or forgot, my apologies for omitting your name here--you still have my thanks. It was such an eventful weekend for me--I thank everyone I ran into for helping to make it great. This was the best Sandy clave for me thus far. I only regret that I didn't meet even more of the people from this site--I didn't realize how many were there.

So many generous people. Thanks to Mark and Patty again, all the presenters and exhibitors, and to Bob Larsell and Laura Coblentz for their hospitality. I look forward to the day when I can start to give a little back...


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Sandy, The Woodstock of Spey Claves

What can I say that hasn't already been said. So many rods. lines, friends, old and new, so little time. Never enough time to meet everyone and can't remember the names of half the ones I do meet. :tsk_tsk: Shame on me. Everyone remember to wear your name tags next year so I'll know who I'm talking to. :hehe: As always. It was great. Thanks to all who had a had in making it work. Looking forward to next year.

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I can't really add anything except offer my personal thanks to Patty, Mark, Laura, and Bob. You guys did a fanstastic job!

It is always great to see and speak with fellow steelheaders and conitnue filling the grey matter with info. Amongst the titanium this and the IM15 that, the people make the difference.

I think one of the most interesting and informative conversations I have had at the last two claves has been listening to Marlow. The history and the knowledge that we have sitting at the tables eating, drinking, and generally BSing is amazing. Slowly looking around we see the past, present and future of our sport, what say I ? this is a good thing!

Aaron and Brian thanks for helping me!

Again looking forward to next year!

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Boy I really missed being able to attend this year. I did however witness one of the most significant events in the blissful years my wife and I have enjoyed together, and even more so in the life of my oldest daughter as she proudly walked in crimson cap and gown to accept her Bachelor's Degree in Communications.

You can bet I won't miss next year's Sandy Clave!

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Sandy Clave

Great time!
Thanks Mark!

The only bummer was not meeting everyone there. Klem, Rob Allen, Sparse Hair Hackle (your kids were great casters), Loco Alto and many more. But I did my best to talk with everyone.

The camp at night was fantastic but always went to the wee hours of the morning. Those little BROWN JUGS. Made it hard to work on lines in the day time, NO SLEEP. And Having Scott come wake us up in the wee hours of the morning, Thanks Scott!

Four days is a short time. But we made the best of it.

Ed Ward hitting fish, what’s new
Spey Bum any time, it was FUN
Aaron, Thanks for the line. It fly’s on the Skagit!
Bob your 5wt. 11’7” was a hard rod to walk away from, and 13’6” and ……
George TCR WHEN!
Leroy next year I’ll help you out, maybe we can do it both day.
Wet fly how many times did you walk to the river? How many rods did you use?
Andy, Mach 1 and + where great lines!
Tim & Steve casting, I don’t need to say anything more about that.

This brings up a point, all you guys bring all these GREAT RODS and LINES we go and cast them, then you tell us we CAN’T get those RODS and LINES for a YEAR! You guys are BRAVE.

Every night I was in bad shape, casting about 15 rods a day is hard on the body!

If you didn’t notice I was take-in a lot pictures down there, I’ve attach a link to some of them. But not all, if I put all of them up it would take days to look at. Here it is


I enjoyed the week-end but Sunday night was a BIG BUMMER everyone was gone.
Next Year is to far away, we have to do this more often.

Brian Simonseth
AKA Homer2handed

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Since the first Clave

We are in a evolving sport. We have some bright innovators out there. The new lines and sink tips have been upgraded. I think the greatest change has been in rod designing. I casted some very nice rods. But wait don't buy a new rod yet. I tried a couple of prototypes that were perfect. One will be out this summer and the other will be out in 2005. I hope they don't tweak them too much as they seemed just right to me. It is easy to buy a couple of rods and then next year we will find an even better one. How about tradition? Yes, I still use the old brown Sage 9140. Jerry

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sandy spey clave

Not much more I can add to the above posts.

Thanks to Mark and Patti for all the work it takes to put an event like this together. Thank you Bob and Laura for taking good care of me.

Thanks to all the reps who brought such great goodies for all of us to try. It was amazing!

Thanks River Addict for the info and help.

Thanks Simon for the friendship, same to Speybum and all the others I met and learned from.

Thanks to all of you who attended and made it such a great event.

I can't wait till next year!

Ray Phelps
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