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Thompson Spey Clave?

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Dana, I noticed in the archives that you toyed with the idea of holding a spey clave on the Thompson in August. Have you given this any further consideration, or is it a no go? I would show up, and I am sure, many others as well
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I ditched the idea of a Thompson Clave--too hot up there--but batted around the idea of doing one somewhere else, like maybe up in Whistler. But with the way the summer is shaping up something formal for me is just a little more organizing than I have time for. Perhaps some sort of informal clave thing might happen, or if someone or a small group want to get together and organize something I'd be happy to be part of it. The Sandy Clave is successful because there are several people involved and they have the support of a great flyshop too. I think we would need to have a similar set up here.
Would be more than happy to help organize something in late August early September for Squamish/Whistler.Aside from a core group of 20 or so local Speycasters, we get a tonn of people from Washington through the shop. The site at Squamish is decent, and there is lots of cheap local accomodation.30 minutes up the road,Whistler also has plenty of places to stay as well as great shopping, 3 worldclass golf courses and countless other activities including ATV tours, spas, river rafting, mountainbiking,skateboarding, BMX, hiking,windsurfing, fishing etc. etc. etc. etc. This would make this an easy sell as a family getaway for all of our friends to the south.Vancouver is also just 1 hour away so I imagine the lower mainland crowd would be sizeable. The timing of it in late August early September, would make it a possible stop off for the afflicted as they migrate North.
Brian Niska

As was discussed earlier, I think this is a good idea. Early September would suit me best.
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