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DH 1006-3 Delivering smaller flies in true spey style become a special joy with our lightest two-handed rod.

I just had a few days with this Light Spey Rod.
Work several lines with this rod with superb results.
The Best line for it was the new Improved Windcutter 5/6 (they added four feet to the belly) seemed to work just fine.
The 6/7 Midspey I felt was too heavey for the rod and would be in serious trouble working the full head very long.

Spent some time using an AquaLux® 26 Ft Water Clear 200-grain tip hooked to a 6/7/8 with Windcutter with tip one and two removed and it did perform quite admirably.

I looking for a long line rod for some big rainbows on windy days and for that ½ ponders.

Do you have any line suggestion?
Please e-mail me or P. Mail

I would like two lines one with a 65ft head and a head system for these light speys.

This is just a footnote for there are more light Speys to work with.

Next the CND 6/7.

I know it’s dirty job but some one has to do it.


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Curious how the T&T compared to the 5120 Sage. I am also looking for that 5 or 6 weight spey for strictly trout work.


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DH1006/3 AND SAGE 5120/4

As I state in the previous post I have a lot of work before I am going to be done with both of these rods.
But here are the preliminaries

Over the past 6 months I have taken a good hard look at the light Spey rods which are readily availablety for the General public.

Comparing the DH1060/3 Thomas &Thomas to the 5120/4 Sage is a Tuffy.

The first perquisite of Spey rod is will do a Speycast.
The Two main cast I evaluate is a Single Spey to up stream lie (I.e. that is above a 90 degree (with 0 degree being dead down stream) and the Infamous Reverse Snake roll.
Using the Single Spey from a point to test the tip and Snake to see how the whole rod performs. These are the same cast that many people use to test the rods so far nothing new.

The second perquisite is how well dose the rod handle the line.
How well will perform Arial mends, water mending and how does it do in the wind.

If the rod performs these functions them is on two round two.

Both the rods functioned fine in both of the Categories.
The Sage’s length is a definite asset the help with the line handling and length of head you could cast.

The verdict is still out for the lining the rod but for sake of Argument I have been using a 5/6 Windcutter for a base line on Both of these rods.

I hope to get at the 6/7 CND Expert this week????????????????????????????


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