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Hoy Vey!!!:eyecrazy: The following may sound like I'm 'carrying Bob's water' but he's hit THE ROD.

At the 'mini-Clave' today (I'll let Aaron post about this event ... well attended and we finally had to 'shoo' the folks out so we could go home!) got to try out Bob Meisers NEW S2H 13-6 7-8-9 rod. As I recall, this is a custom design blank made for him.

Up to this afternoon, all spey rods are ... or I should say were ... gaged against the the Burkie 7-8-9 (bless you again Inland for selling me you rod:D ) but Bob's got them beat by far. No sh.. Shilock!

Bob had the rod loaded with a 7-8 Delta Long belly spey line. In three casts I was down to 4 FOUR TURNS OF LINE left on the reel with a 15 foot leader and yarn fly on the end. Aaron used the rod right after me and he had the line pulling backing off the reel. I, with a tail wind, can usually cast to 90 to 100 feet ... this thing was out close to 125-130 feet (with leader) using Steve's 'single spirl.' cast to get all that line airborne.

This boys and girls is the! summer run/lighter water cannon of my life. Came home with a new toy ... Joan may not be pleased, but Dear God I am!
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