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My Scott ARC 1196-4, my 'big' trout rod, has at last found two lines, one in particular, that make it rock. The suggestions came from Jerry at Kaufmann's/Portland. The key element was to buy the "Hide-A-Weigh" balance from Aaron at the Speyshop and then weighing each element in my various lines (in "grains"). Much more expensive scales the line manufacturing companies have are probably more accurate, but I was most satisfied with Aaron's product. I put an extra 3" on the butt, so my 1196-4 'looks' more like a spey rod(it's now a 1206-4). Armed with the grain wts. and with Jerry's suggestions, these are two lines that really work with this rod. The WC 5/6 I felt never really loaded this rod properly.

Line # 1(Sink tip trials only):
WC 678 without tips 1 & 2 23 feet/ 245 grains
WC 8910 Cheater 5 ft. 69 gr
WC 678 Int. tip 15 ft. 91 gr
Total 43 feet 405 grains
Addendum: WC 678 15 ft sink tip wts--#3,94gr; #6,98gr; #8,97gr

Line # 2(This one really rocks):
AirFlo40+ #9 wt.(new line) 32 feet 8 Inches/370 grains
a. Dry fly/greaseline work
AirFlo40+ #9 32 ft. 8 in./ 370 gr
Leader/Tip 12 ft 10 gr
Total 44 ft 8 in. 380 gr

b. Sink tip work
AirFlo40+ #9 32 ft. 8 in./370 gr
Airflo Polyleader 3.9"/sec. 10 ft. 38 gr
Total 42 ft 8 in 408 gr
From dapping at 12 feet to speying out to 65 ft., these line/rod
combinations, but most especially the AirFlo40+ combinations,
were outstanding. None of the casts were overhead, all casts
were spey-types. This rod has never felt better.
For comparison:

Standard WC 56 47 feet/ 345 grains
Standard WC 678 49 " 482 grains
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