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Just for the fun of it I went to the vise and tied The Purple King again, but in a contemporary classic tied interpretation. I have used the same pattern as the other Purple King interpretation. For a balanced comparison I should have used the rooster spey hackle, but decided to follow flytyers advise and went with the grey hackle of heron instead.

The Purple King
Browns Spey flies, 24th Jan 1891, R.B. Marston, Fishing Gazette

Body. – Light purple wool, ribbed with one flat and two thread tinsels; one gold and one silver
Hackle. – Brownish black feather from side of cock’s tail, would contrary to tinsels and crossed by one of them. (here grey heron and following the tinsels in ordinary fashion)
Teal at shoulder
Wing. – Double strips of Mallard, short and set apart to allow hackle to appear between them. (here tented mallard strips aligned with the end of the body)

Knæk og bræk
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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