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The Kitchen Sink

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I'm not sure what happened, but I'm tired of tying the same things. You are gonna see some weird stuff coming out of my vice this month. this one used a lot of what was lying around. I basically put 3 bodies on this fly.

and another angle

I think this one is not going to be for everyone, but my major concern is how it fishes.. And I think it is going to perform in the water...:razz:
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Dude... Yes... I love the use of weird random stuff! I'm gonna have to come out soon and pilfer some odd ball feathers. As obscure as this fly is you've made every bit of it mesh together perfectly
That thing is wild. First thought was fishy when i saw it. Normally im not tje biggest fan of freestyle but this looks really cool.

Matt......I love this one !!!
Great design,tied !!

put that on a coat hanger and I'd swear you'd been schooled by a man named val.

love it!
I like every thing about this fly. Good size for winter. The same pattern in smaller sizes would be killer summer and fall.
Cool Fly. Reminds me of a DG Fly. And that's the highest complement I could pay someone

matt is the cheeck crow??
Thanks guys, can't wait to get it wet.

Hey Kevin, I wish!!! its the closest thing I have found on any of my skins. Its from back behind the Golden Pheasant crests, on that same nasty skull piece, but in the back curled up all sneaky. Also, sometimes I find them on the pheasant body, but mainly around the neck. This one just had more red tips than usual. Found maybe 20 good feathers for cheeks. So its GP over Kingfisher. Hit me up with a PM and I can shoot you an Xmas bag of random feathers, including some of my 3 inch guinea...
that's a beaut. I look forward to more
This is off the creative charts Matt !!
The detail is awesome and blend of colour and materials really give this fly some depth .
Most excellent tying skills , very impressive my friend :smokin:

Crazy cool fly, I can imagine just about anything that swims coming to at least have a look at this one.
Very cool.
If Knox, Tolfrey, Kelson, and Traherne threw aside their egos and perchance fished a few beats together, took notes, and had a wee dram or pint at the local pub they likely could have come up with a flee like yours.

Very cool, Matt.

1 - 16 of 16 Posts
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