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Have you put it on the calendar & booked your motel/hotel room for:
The Greatest Spey Rod Party On Earth?
The Sandy River Spey Clave, May 13-14, at Oxbow Park on the Sandy River
"Ya, we heard it. We didn't plan it that way. May 14th is mothers day.
Don't forget to book a room for dear old mom in Troutdale so she can attend the Clave.
Moms get special attention at The Sandy River Spey Clave.
We will be sure to save her a front row seat for all the on-water demonstrations.
Make a reservation in advance and we will have a nice comfortable chair set up for her"
She is going to want to see these guys: 10:30-11:00am, May 14.
Scott O'Donnell & Mike McCune
"Our presentation this year has evolved into a comprehensive study of the D-loop for the major portion, then a few tips on getting more distance and finally some fishing pointers."
Scott O'Donnell and Mike McCune have educated and entertained us at each Sandy River Spey Clave since 2004. Their presentations are always leading-edge because these two guys spend a lot of time on-the-water; fishing. As professional guides, their annual circuit takes them from the Oregon Coast, to Alaska, to the Grand Rhonde and back to the coast again. They are with a different set of clients every week...year round. They see a lot of different acts and they see a lot of different casting mistakes. Scott & Mike constantly work to help improve the casting skills of their clients. This demands that they are constantly analyzing how every cast is made and how to improve upon it. Their understanding of Spey casting is constantly evolving and each of their presentations at the Clave has been different. Their tackle is configured to work best under actual fishing conditions they encounter on the rivers they fish. Both of these gentlemen had a huge impact on the development of Rio's Skagit Lines and were chosen to present Skagit Casting Techniques on Rios' new 3 DVD block buster, Rio's Modern Spey Casting. When I asked Scott for some promo pictures of him and Mike with big fish, he relied, "How about little fish. Little fish are cool too". This presents a refreshing insight, since there are plenty of pictures of these guys with very large fish.
A transplant to the Pacific Northwest, via the U.S. Navy, Scott O'Donnell settled on the banks of the historically rich, North Fork Stillaguamish River, in Northwestern Washington State. It was there, in 1987, he was first introduced to the spey rod and has been in the thick of the spey casting
revolution ever since. His contributions to spey rod and line design, spey fishing techniques, and his exceptional abilities as a casting instructor has made him one of the most sought after steelhead guides in the West. He is also highly influential member of the Sage and Rio Products Pro Staffs. Scott currently resides in Seaside, Oregon.
Mike McCune is a full time fly fishing guide and lives on the Oregon Coast. Born and raised in Northern California, Mike is a life-long Steelhead "junkie" and has fished and guided extensively throughout their native range. A devotee of two-handed methods, Mike is also member of Sage fly rods advisory team Rio products pro staff.
Scott and Mike are great team and put on show that is bound to educate and entertain you and your mom.
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