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This comes with an intermediate belly, a semi-clear aqua intr. tip, an S1/S2 tip, and an S2/S3 tip. After Jack at the Irish Anger cut it down to 335 gr for my 12' Snowbee Torridge, I finally found time to test it out. The closest water available to me was the giant saltwater casting pond, so I went down to a West Seattle beach.

Overhead, the thing is a rocket--80 - 100 feet with one back cast. At 335gr, it's a little light for me for anchored casting, but once I add one of my single-handed 5wt tips, it's perfect. Or at least, perfect as far as I can tell. I can snap out some switch casts wtih a couple of rod lengths of running line. I imagine that with some practice, I may not need the extra weight or length the addtional tip adds for underhanded casts.

I did attach one of my 5wt tips directly to the belly and attempted to overhead that, but it proved too light. However, I bet one of my 8wt versitips at 125 gr or so would work fine.

I found that all those looped connections didn't cause any problems.

Next test: Swinging this set-up for some real fish.

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