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The Friday Night 'quandary.'

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I have a rod rack for the Jeep so that goes on first. The second choice is which rods I'll plop on same at 0300 (later in the winter :chuckle:) but fly box in hand and which goes on the end of the leader. For context, I don't rig my rods (darned few exceptions) standing at the side of the Rogue River. Little reason to do so in my case.

But the choice of the fly(s) has been the 'Let's think this through.'

Water height/flow/etc., will be part of the call.

But its Friday night, what would be you choice to put on the end of your leader so you're ready to go at 'first light?'

Your choice of fly(s) might be?

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Fred, this thread has potential for a breath of fresh air :)

Much as I'd like to I don't know the Rogue. On my home front (Lake MI tribs) Fishing a dry line, probably some form of modest attractor dry or maybe a muddler / small skater. Same choice for Summer Steelbows or residents.

Fishing a sunk line for potential Summer Run fish, likely a fairly loud Temple Dog Tube. For BIG resident's.. Zoo Cougar or similar.
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