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The fish that was to never be spoken of again

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I heard rumors that one of own well repected member of this forum, actually a moderator, is out targeting Golden Bones again. I believe he said he had sworn off targeting these noble fish as their numbers were down and he had figure out such an effective way to get these fish that he was doing harm to their populations. I guess he has fallen off the wagen and is knocking the Golden Bones dead.

I am here for you my friend I hope others will do the same to support you to get back on the wagon. I heard the idea of publishing a book has come back into your head. Don't do it man. You have friends that will be your crutch to lean on.

Fight the urge you can do it. Do it for the resource if for nothing else. You are too dang effective and I know you can't just stop but fight man fight.

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Hey JJ...

I hope he wasn't using a pink Hotpants.:whoa:
OkeeDokee!!!! reference to Golden Bones and Pink Hotpants- I,m in!!!:) If I can fish for Manitoba Salmon with a Spey( Channel Cats)and still maintain a modicum of self respect- then I think your friend has nothing to hide and full disclosure is not only expected but welcome:))

Sometimes a true friend has the tough message.
forward written by the self-proclaimed "worst steelheader ever"


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Simply Priceless!!

Very well done Spark
After reading this thread and seeing 'tips new book my day has to go well. To freakin' funny. The people at work already think I am a bit odd but the roar of laughter that just erupted from my office has them thinking I am over the edge for sure.

Sinktip, you keep right on fishin' for those bones. NF16, great post.
Mr Doogin - will you be parading a large mounted Golden Bone around at the Kaufmans Clave? I hope so, as I would then know who to get to sign an autograph for me :D
For you Tieller, I will bring a mount. :D

Sparks attention to detail is to be commended. He got the rod color right and the reel. That boy has a future!
Mr. Doogin, I appreciate your kindness and the wonderful opportunity to share in your knowledge... if it isn't too much to ask, could you bring one of your little Gold flies so I could see it in person? :eek:
My dear Tieller, it would be an honor. Perhaps I can bring some samples to hand out to you and the guys. What good is a treasure like I have if you don't share it?
When will these books be available at the wholesalers? I have a special in my shop for them. Will there be autographed special editions? Mr Tip maybe you could come to the Clearwater Spey Clave and do a special book signing.:lildevl:
A good sucker fishermen is on his way to the winter steelhead. 1. Uses sharp hooks. 2 Fishes deep. 3. Let's the fly hang. You are on your way Sinktip. Jerry
Thanks Jerry, at least I know you are not jealous like some of the people that took swipes at my success. :hihi:

Since recently being outed by a so called friend, I have given this issue quite a bit of thought. I realize bonefishing has become an addiction. After all there is nothing quite so exillerating as the dead weight of a well hooked bone. Given this I think that perhaps people are right, I may need to wean myself off of this adrenaline rush. I know the research says that statistically cold turkey doesn't often result in a cure, I have decided instead to phase into it. From now until April 30th, I will be fishing as normal and yes, no doubt bringing many GBs to hand. From April 30th till June 1st, I will try going cold turkey.

It is a disease though so I am willing to face the fact I may need to go back and catch a golden or two here or there during the month of June. Come July though, I am committed to stop fishing for this marvelous gamefish. Water conditions willing, I will not target the mighty GB from July 1st through the end of October. I of course would be foolish to try and predict what happens beyond that date. One day at a time will be my mantra and I know I can count on the support of everyone here.

So as you can see, I appreciate your concern for my problem and come July, I intend to address it. Not that I'm admitting I have a problem as I really haven't caught that many goldens. Think about it, if I wasn't editing my water with wimpy 15' tips, I could be using bigboys to devestate the entire race. :razz:

The author would like it known that all golden bones are released unharmed (sort of) and all fishing is conducted using type III tips, long bellied lines, vintage reels and Gibson Guitars. Bone On!
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why stop? if it's fun, then do it! this isn't high school. still having issues with peer presure? :tsk_tsk:

a carp in even semi-warm water will test both you and your gear (especially when your talking about fish in the high teens/low 20's). probably harder fighting then and steelhead ever dreamed of being. i see no reason to quit. FISH ON!!!!!!!! :D

now show us the flies. maybe i can finnaly hook a few of the local fish on my flyrod more often.
...... it is better to have boned once then to have never boned at all.


I admire your fortitude. Keep the chin up man. You can beat this thing.
'tip will be appearing in a special "Bone Casting" segment of the upcoming Speypages DVD. He says it's a variation of Skagit Casting but with an underhand traditional SpeyNess style and a shorter long belly shooting sinktip double tapered polyleader head.

It sounds like BS to me but he says its a real new style and I'm payin' him Big Bucks for this so he'd better produce.
What the hell is a Golden Bone.... Ae you talking about Charlie cArp, the monster of the rivers and dams, the freshwater tank, or bulldozer. Or is it one of these goldfish. You got me there guys. Please elucidate. maxG
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