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After a few days on this new board I start to get the hang of things. It is quick and has many assets. Already several highly interesting treads are developing. A great job by all of you behind it - and by all that spend time here. Thanks!!

What I miss, though, is the "sub-reply function" you see on the Virtual Flyshop's board, where you either link your reply to the original poster or you link it to one of the other replies within the thread. That way interesting and easy to follow sub-threads develop.

Do not take this request as criticism - I realize that a function of the type I am after well might be out of reach. Is that so?


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On this I agree, linkage to the specific message allows for cross current conversation "within" the original thread. When implimented correctly there can be several discussions occuring at the same time within the original post adding great breadth and surprising insight.

Minor criticism for a great site.

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This is a feature we do not have for multiple inline threading of topics.

Which depending on how you look at it may not be a bad thing. For people browsing forums it makes it easier for them to home in on a topic that interests them by looking at the thread subject on the main page. Not have to weed through a bunch of unrelated posts to get the info they want is a plus.

I recommend just starting up a new thread when the conversation in an existing thread becomes off-topic.

As an aside, definitely let Juro and I know of any site improvement ideas you have. We want to make this the best place online for our members and feedback is critical to meet that goal.

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