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Howdy Dana, Juro, and gang
With the help of videos and clips that you'll posted here. I was able to get enough to make a good showing at a little test I took at Gulf Shores. AL. The FFF Southeaster Conclave had some great casting going on. Well what this is leading to is a THANK YOU.
This site got me past the Spey Casting portion of my FFF MASTER CASTING INSTRUCTORs test.
So now I will have to buy a new hat to fit my enlarged head.
Did some spey casting before the test on the Gulf.
30+ sea breeze. Surf was about 4 ft. Red Flag up the whole weekend, Rip current running to the right. Soft shifting sand under foot, Staggering this ol man trying to swing a 14 ft. St Croix, Well after about 30 minuntes I desided that it was a young mans game.
I went for my 9ft with a shooting head. Stood way up on the beach and fired the fly out past the breakers.
Sure could have used some real help.

Juro your an instructors, instructor. THANKS

ol Al

Allen Crise MCI
Glen Rose, TX

Coast2coast Flyfishaholic
1,771 Posts
Allen -

It's good to hear that my ramblings might have helped in some way :p

... but it was your actions that earned you the stripes,

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