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Thanks Northfork 16

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Highlander bumped into me on the Buffalo Run on the Snoqualmie River to day.
He was totting an 15 Derek Brown Winston in a 7/8 and with a little arm wresting and he begrudgingly divulged that it was Northfork 16's rod.
We cast a few lines on it the Midspey, Accelerator and a 8/9 Grandspey.
God Northfork it's a grand casting rod. Could not find a line it did not like.
I have cast the 8/9 version and loved it.
This is even better wonder if some one has a 9/10 and 10/11that I can play with.
I will say this if on needs one rod for large windy flies for dryline work and medium weigh sink tips this baby is great.
Would need 7 or 8 more months to really give it a work out.
Maybe the Thorne in April or the Karluk in October.
I would really like to give it a long try.
Gee Rayon share your toys.

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Glad you enjoyed the rod!!!!! :) You are more then welcome to give it a try on the Thorne in April...you just must drag me along!! :hehe:

Does this mean that my baby is going to be whored around at tomorrows Speyclave??? :whoa:

Please everyone, treat her well!!!! :smokin:

The Question is: are you?

The Throne maybe doable.
Can you cook?
Do you Drink Single Malt?

So whats it run??...I think by bring a few Derek Browns along I should get a price break!! ;)

I do cook...and I do not drink single malt, YET! :hehe:

Good you do not cook.
The last guy that went with me up there is still there.
The Bull of the Woods at the logging camp I stay at found out he could cook.
He now makes more money that God and get to fish those river every day.
We can work on the Scotch thing.

Do not have a firm price yet but Prince of Wales Island is some of least known Steelheading in Alaska.
Will keep you posted.
Keep working on the Scotch thing maybe Fred or Kush could give you some pointers.

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