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Just got back from a great road trip to Oregon, drove up to the Salem area to buy that Willie boat from Ben (Read1t48).
Ben had suggested we take a test float on his home river before I hit the road home; it seemed like the only prudent thing to do.
We arrived at the rendezvous point within 30 seconds of each other, half an hour before the agreed 1 PM meeting time, a good sign...
We were suited up with the boat in the water about 15 minutes later, his wife helped with the shuttle, and off we went.
The weather was unseasonably sunny, but we didn't see another soul on the river as we hit a few of his favorite spots and looked for the occasional shady run.
We talked about steelhead, the boat, family and work in no particular order.
I can't imagine spending an afternoon with a better guy.
The boat and trailer were clean and in better condition than I'd imagined, Ben had definitely gone the extra mile.
By 6:30 I was on the road with the boat on the back and a smile on my face.
The monetary value of the transaction was moot. The experience trumped any calculation.
Thanks again for everything, Ben.
Of course you have an open invitation to come visit her (him? It's a Willie...). You know where to find us.
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