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TFO 6/7 140 4 DC 6/7 Wt. 14'-0"

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TFO 6/7 140 4 DC 6/7 Wt. 14'-0" 4 9.1oz 400-650 grains SR$390.00

Anybody use this stick what do you think. From what I can see it it the longest 6/7 wt available from the major rod guys.

Can it handle both the big fish and the not so big fish.


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She'll be fun with a 4 to 6 pound fish ... And will safely defeat any game fish to
the high teens.

A very fun rod for the money.

We do make a 16'0" 7 wt


Thanks for the info Bob not sure if I am ready to jump to a 16' rod just yet nice looking rod work though.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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