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Hi there,

Here's my first post on the pages.
Just received my TFO professional two handed #8 12'6" rod.
I want to use this rod for surfcasting, so this will be mainly overhead casting. I already have the shooting line but what kind of heads do you think will be best for this rod. I was thinking myself for a #11 RIO shooting head, as I heared that the TFO's are quite stiff. Since I also own a 9" #11 RPLXi this would be very multi-functional.

Or maybe a rio outbound #8 will do the job? Can anyone tell me what amount of grains I should use?

SL Andor

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Simon's line chart recommends a 7/8 or 8/9 Scandi line for that rod.
Check these links :


He gives grain recommendations for overhead as well as spey casting with the above lines.

While casting will be the only sure way to tell, for me I would use a 10wt Rio shooting head. I know the 6wt TFO two hander will overhead a 9 wt fly line quite well so I think the TFO 8wt two hander would handle that 11wt Rio shooting head also if you like a little heavier load.
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