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Test Results for large arbor reels???

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Anyone get a chance to read that article in Fly Fish America which reviewed a number of large arbor reels for among other things "start-up inertia" and "Max drag settings"? Any thoughts on the role/importance these play in selecting a good steelie reel? I just purchased the Loop Evotec 8/12 which even at it's lowest drag setting seems to have a fair amount of resistance to letting line out. My concern is that if fishing for big BC steelies with dry fly and lighter tippets I may run into trouble. I also think that there may be some typos in the article. For example it lists the Loop 3W as having a "start-up inertia" of 15.59% and a max drag setting of 9lbs. 9 oz. (keeping in mind that it doesn't have a drag, i don't think) while the Loop Evotec LW 8/11 has a "start-up inertia" of only 3.93% and a max drag setting of only 1 lbs 11oz. Could someone who was paying better attention during college physics please explain? Thanks.
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I too saw this article and was not sure about the numbers regarding the loop reel? However I have had reels with tension adjustments or true drag systems and if not set correctly I have broken off fish on the strike. Not really the reels fault as much as me not checking it prior to making that first cast. I use a JRyall Standard #12 on my spey rod and love the drage system on this reel. It seems to have an infinite amount of adjustability and if I didnt know better I swear I could stop a semi with that thing. While I do not believe that a drag of this type and or quality is needed in Steelhead fishing I do love it for the ability to adjust initial inertia setting/drag so that it starts up smooth and doesnt create a backlash or break the tippet on aggressive strikes. Good Luck and Tight Lines!:smokin:

I agree with you that a balanced rod is more important than what you paid for it or how it looks. Fishing an unbalanced rod can be an aggravating experinece. I put the JRyall on a Sage 9140 and it balances out perfectly? I tried a couple other reels such as the loop 3W, 4W and a couple of the Hardy's. Most of these were too light. The loop 4W was the best for balance but they dont make it anymore? So I went with the Jryall. So far I have no complaints with the rod/reel setup.:smokin:
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