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Test Results for large arbor reels???

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Anyone get a chance to read that article in Fly Fish America which reviewed a number of large arbor reels for among other things "start-up inertia" and "Max drag settings"? Any thoughts on the role/importance these play in selecting a good steelie reel? I just purchased the Loop Evotec 8/12 which even at it's lowest drag setting seems to have a fair amount of resistance to letting line out. My concern is that if fishing for big BC steelies with dry fly and lighter tippets I may run into trouble. I also think that there may be some typos in the article. For example it lists the Loop 3W as having a "start-up inertia" of 15.59% and a max drag setting of 9lbs. 9 oz. (keeping in mind that it doesn't have a drag, i don't think) while the Loop Evotec LW 8/11 has a "start-up inertia" of only 3.93% and a max drag setting of only 1 lbs 11oz. Could someone who was paying better attention during college physics please explain? Thanks.
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don't know much physics...

...majored in Lit, but the drag setting info is clearly reversed on the two reels. I have both and the 3W does not have a drag, just a simple tension adjustment system that, along with low start up inertia and large arbor design, prevents backspooling of the reel even at very light settings. The LW reels have an adjustable drag system accessed by removing the drag adjustment knob on the reel. I have the 8eleven and 8twelve reels and have them set very lightly at their initial drag setting (I don't tend to use much drag on steelhead anyways) and have connected with larger Dean steelhead on tippets as light as 8lbs without trouble.
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