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Been playing with techniques for clean bodies, sparse lines but with a fishing fullness and profile

In continuing my transition to hooks (All are 1.5 AJ), I tied some more bugs ..
THese are pretty much identical to teh ones in this thread except for colors and hackles


Pheasant rump for wings...wings are set either flat (2-3feathers stacked) or tented 2 on each side

Goin fishing in a few days and im psyched!!

Hope you like



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Those look really good! I've been tying with single feathers for wings for quite a while. They tend to create good swimmers and are very durable. Your flies look just like what I call the food color box. They are great!


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Awesome flies Dave!! Good luck if your going to the SR. Fishing has been tough for all methods...not just the swung fly. My dad and his buddy have been there since Friday and haven't touched a fish swinging yet. My dad had one tug on Monday and that has been it for both of them.


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So....... which one you gunna tie on first, eh? THAT'S going to be the hard part with that box. Those are real nice.
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