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Hi guys,

I'm from the Netherlands, Europe and i have been flyfishing on and off over the years mostly for pike.
Just a few years back i picked up the interest for doublehanded rods and spey casting.
At first for the distance reached when cast overhead for trout in the salt reservoir, but that shifted to rol and jumprol casting with cover behind me for carp. Coming season i'm planning trips to the dutch bigger and faster rivers (stil slow for your standards) to fish for Aspius, by swinging streamers trogh the current.

I'm training my casting over and over but have to get rid of my muscle memory from the one handed cast, at the last moment i give it a whipping with my right hand.... and the cast is ruined… So work in progress so to speak.

Hope to read about fly paterns for the swinging and just practical tips along the way.

Like the nickname states, i love to have fancy gear, that's why i started building my own rods.
In that way it also serves a purpose during the hardwater period. :smokin:
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