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This is from Per Stadigh

Hello Peter,

Here are a few comments on shooting heads:
For the Underhand cast, in effect a crisp and short stroked single Spey, aimed at shooting lots of line rather than rolling it out, the heads should be relatively short. To load the the rod these "shorties" must be one or two line classes heavier than what the rod is rated for.

This is a rough guide for what I use:

12,5' #8, 35' #10 or 40' #9
14' #9, 38' #11 or 42' #10
15' #10, 38' #12 or 41' #11
16' #11, 42' #12 or 46' #11
(The longer the head, the lighter the AFTM class.)

With floating to light sinking lines I use 15' - 20' of leaders. (On fast sinkers to grain lines the leaders are from 10' - 3')

Nowadays there are a bunch of good heads to buy, straight from the shelf. I use both Loop and Airflo ones and find them great, given that one stops to compare what they cost to the home made ones. They cast tighter loops and turn over better than what most of the cut down DT:s do.

Still, the optimal all round salmon line for Sage 15'1" or T&T 15/5 (my two favorite rods) is 41' of old Hardy DT 11 Sinktip. It casts like nothing else and swings those flies like a dream. (The built-in tip is just 10' of sink II -giving the effect of a highly mendable intermediate)

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