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This is for Simon or anyone else having any experience with either the T & T 1307-3 and/or the 1509-3. I'm trying to get a feel for these two sticks. The only T & T rods I have been around have been 10 and 11 weights and they were powerful fast action cannons.

Wondering if the 1509-3 is also in that family or if it matchs up closer to the softer action of the Scott ARC 1509. I am looking for a 9 weight with a faster action and the capability to fling around larger flies and tips up to 250-300 grains. (So far the Sage 9150 seems to be the best fit.)

On the 1307 side, I had two questions. First how does it match up against the newer model Sage 7136. Secondly, what is the recomended Rio line weights for this rod. I have checked Simon's listing of Rio lines but the 1307 is absent.


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T&T 1307

I have a new model Sage 7136 and a friend of mine has the T&T 1307. I am presently casting a Rio windcutter 7/8/9 on the 7136, mainly because I already had this line. My friend Peter Kogo is casting a Rio Windcutter 6/7/8 on the T&T. We have tried switching lines on both rods and while each rod is capable of casting either line, we both agree that we have the right line for each rod.

The Sage is a slower action while the T&T is a faster action. Although each can be modified to some extent by over or under lining.

to each his own. They are both nice rods.


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Hello Sinktip,
I have the T&T 1509-3 that I purchased after casting one of Simon's during a class and it's a fast powerfull, beautifully built rod that's similar to, but not quiet as fast as a lOOMIS GLX (which is my favorite). The line I settled on for this rod is the 9,10 Mid Spey with tips. You can e-mail Simon at [email protected] Hope this helps. John
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