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Hey peeps,

Anyone familiar with T&T's DNA 1167-4XD?

I'm a bit uncertain/confused about the grain weight recommendation as per the T&T website, recommending the grain weight for that rod as 350-425.

I was considering using Airflo's Rage Compact line.

Here's the chart for Airflo's Rage Compact line:

Will the ST 6/7 from that chart above, with a grain weight of 450 be too heavy for that rod?


- D.

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The suggested grains on the T&T site are way off for that entire series of XD rods in my opinion, at least in the sense of what I would consider a good load for a "Skagit" type of casting and fishing...

It ROCKS with a 480 grain SA Skagit head...

I would think 450 grains at 30' long would be just fine for this rod to answer your question...


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