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We are just arrived from Mongolia, from the river ONON and smaller rivers around it.
We headed with great hopes to catch the magnificient taimen and the others: amur pike, lenok and grayling.
I brought my DH1212 for throwing mouse patterns and streamers on the big river...for BIG FISH...

But unfortunately the weather was not so good to us... it was like an april-weather, windy, rainy and mostly cold. So the water level rose, and the river got murky.On the first two days I caught more nice lenoks, mostly on wooly buggers and streamers, and some nice amur pikes. But no taimen, at all. There was absolutely no surface activities.
While the water became unfishable, we switched to the smaller rivers around the ONON, and there I caught more taimens, lenoks, and pikes.
But not on surface patterns, mostly on black bunny bugs, wooly buggers, and muddlers. Because the size of the river- and the fish- there was no need for the 1212..:-(. most of the taimens were in the 60 - 90 cm range, and I used my trusty Winston XTR 8WT rod. The fishes were great fighters, the taimen IS a really powerful and noble predator. I can just imagine what the bigger specimens could do in big water... I will definitely go back in next september, and I can recommend for everyone, who likes adventurous fishing! The best time is early september - mid october for fly fishers. The country is beautiful, the people are friendly, and living a very simple and modest life.

Oh, the line system, what I used on my 1212, was a Vision Ace DH shooting head for 9/10 DH rods weighting 31 grams, in the floater and type 6/7 sinking version. I think for the less experienced caster (like I am...) maybe the 10/11 wt would be a better choice, but with this system I could easily cast an average 25-30 meters. I could switch cast nicely wit the streamer patterns, also.

If there is any possibility to place pictures on the site, I will.
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