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Copy of the Press Release

September 9 2005

Press Statement

Denver Fly Fishing Retailer World Expo

Sharpe's today announces two significant deals which immediately propels the
Scottish based group into a leading player in the global fly market.

Originally established in 1920, Sharpe's has undergone major surgery in recent years
driven by a buy and build strategy orchestrated by their Chairman Gerry Metcalfe who
celebrates 20 years in the industry this year.

Thomas & Thomas, recognised the world over as a manufacturer of the finest fly rods, has merged its operation with Sharpe's to enable the sharing of distribution
platforms in both Europe and North America. Lon Deckard welcomes the deal as a
strategic success. "The need for consolidation is clear and this move will enable
Thomas & Thomas to develop at a faster rate by allowing access to greater capital
and marketing power." Sharpe's comprehensive range will now be distributed through
the Greenfield site of Thomas & Thomas across North America.

"Abel reels need little introduction and with the development of salt water fly
fishing their unique product offerings offer a lifetime of reliability and quality.
Steve and Gina Abel have built a business to be proud of and I am delighted that we
have concluded a deal to buy the Abel Corporation with Steve being retained as a
consultant to handle product development." commented Metcalfe.

Further deals are promised as the company positions itself for further growth

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Two or three years ago I emailed Lon about possible plans for a certain 2 hand configuration. When he replied to me, he copied Tom Dorsey on the email. Last week I asked Lon again about that rod. He replied and forwarded my email to Sharpes.

I'm not judging here, but it seems that the change is more than superficial. How many people in the UK use 14' 7 wts? probably not many...

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Well I think this move opens up all of europe to T&T and I bet there are a bunch of scando guys who would use a 14' 7wt. I just got a guideline 13'7" 7wt which is almost 14 and comes from europe.

The majority of thier sales are still going to be US so I hope they continue to take of us which I am sure they will.

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