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I have recently bought a 13 foot, #9, Thomas & Thomas and I was thinking about trying a windcutter 8/9/10. Has anyone tried the rod whith this line? I don't want bodies longer than the windcutter so I'm also considering a shooting head. Would like to know what lines you prefer on this rods. If anyone use some kind of shooting heads I would like to know the length and weight of the line you use?
I have only tried the rod with a shooting head 12m and 31 gram and I felt the line was a little bit too light.
Would appreciate any recommendations from people who has been casting this rod.


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The 8/9/10 Windcutter is a very good match for the 1309. I prefer the 8/9 MidSpey or Long Delta on it; however, that is directly related to my preference for longer belly lines. The RIO 8/9 Scandanavian head should work well on it, although I've not cast it with heads, because the weight is about right. You may need to experiment with the Scandanavian head and cut some of the back end of the line a foot at a time until you get what you are looking for.
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