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The T&T 1510-3 is my favorite 15 ft 10 wt (or 9/10 wt) rod, which is probably why I own one. Ryan is correct, the Loop Green 1510-4 is more of a 10/11 rod, meaning it handles lines one size heavier than the T&T 1510-3. If you are looking for an 11 wt (or 10/11 wt) T&T 15 ft rod, you need to look at the T&T 1511-3 and this rod (T&T 1511-3) is more powerful than the Loop Green 1510-4.

However, since you asked about the T&T 1510-3 compared to the Loop Green 1510-4, this is how I see both of them. The T&T is a terrific all around salmon and big water steelhead stick. With the right line, it casts and fishes with aplomb. I use either the GrandSpey 8/9 or the MidSpey 9/10 on mine. It is a fast, quick recovery 9/10 wt rod with a lot of reserve power in its butt.

I must also tell you that the Loop Green Series rods are my favorite Loop rods. That said, I find the Loop Greens have just a little slower action with a slightly slower recovery than the T&T's. The Green 1510-4 is a 10/11 rod, which means that it uses 10/11 lines instread of the 9/10 lines used on the T&T 1510-3. The Loop is also happier with short-belly lines and Scandanavian heads than the T&T; however, the Loop easily casts the mid-belly 10/11 and extended belly lines like the GrandSpey and XLT.

In order of quickness of 15 ft rods, I place the Loomis GLX 15 ft 10/11 fastest, then the T&T 1510-3, with the Loop Green 1510-4 close behind. All three of these rods are fast-action 2-handers; but you must keep in mind that the T&T is a 10 wt (or 9/10 wt) and the other two are 10/11 wt rods.

If you like fast-action powerful 15 ft 2-handers, either the T&T 1510-3 or the Loop Green 1510-4 will make you happy.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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