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Hi all,

My first post here! :)

I've got a Sage One 8116 Switch sitting here waiting to be fished, but needs a reel. Just wondering if you guys have any ideas for me?

I'm currently looking at the Abel Classic Series Switch reel, but would like some other suggestions or thoughts.

Needs to be able to withstand saltwater as well, which knocks a lot of reels out of contention.

Thanks in advance!

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man you got a lot of choices....

abel super series,

lots of the old school guys used hardy's in the salt...

i am running a super 9 on mine and a st. john...(bruce and walker switch)

as a p.s. i should add that with switch rods, you may find the lighter the reel the better the balance..


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i use a Loop Xact (Evotec/CLW) 8-12 for Stripers, Atlantic Salmon and Steelhead.

being so light, they can be used on my 11ft 3' 7wt switch or my 9ft 11wt or my 14ft 10wt... and they don't rust or scratch, being composite.

at $145 a pop, i have SIX reels and nine spools of them now in various guises. all interchangeable.
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